How to request a ride


To request a TanTaxi ride:

1. Install TanTaxi app from your Android or iPhone for free

2. Request a driver by setting your pick up and destination locations

3. Select a car that fits your needs and budget

4. Choose payment option

5. Enjoy the ride

6. Pay with cash or wallet

7. Rate the driver


The pickup location will automatically set to your current GPS location. To change the pickup location:

1. Tap 'Current location' at the top of the screen

2. Enter an address or drag the location pin to the right spot

3. Tap 'Set pickup.' That's it!


Change your payment method before requesting a ride by tapping the payment method shown on the ride mode selection screen.

On the 'Payment' screen you can change or add payment methods, view any active promos, and switch between personal or business accounts.

You’ll see the price of your ride on the ride mode selection screen before you tap 'Select.'


To schedule a ride for a later time/Book later:

1. Set your destination

2. Tap 'Book later' on the ride mode selection screen

3. Choose a date and time and tap 'Set pick up time'

4. Confirm your pickup and drop-off location, then tap 'Schedule.' That's it!