Rating Your Driver



This is your chance to tell us about your TanTaxi ride. Ratings begin at 1 and go up to 5 (5 is the best!).

Leave any feedback about your ride in the comment box. Your feedback is shown to drivers anonymously.


What to consider when rating?

Your rating should be based on your overall experience throughout the ride. When rating a ride, think about whether your driver was friendly, safe, a good navigator, and made you want to use TanTaxi again. Each rating you give will contribute to a driver’s overall standing with TanTaxi and help identify opportunities for improvement. In addition, passengers with low ratings may not have their ride requests accepted as often. 5 stars means the ride was great and met TanTaxi standards. Anything lower than 5 indicates that you were unhappy with the ride, so we want to know why! Use the comment box in the app after the ride to leave feedback.