How to Give Rides


TanTaxi driver's app

Giving a TanTaxi ride is easy! At the top of the screen, slide the icon to the right to go online. This lets you receive ride requests. Once you're online, follow these steps:

  1. When you get a ride request, you'll see a notification.
  2. Tap anywhere to accept.
  3. Tap the arrow next to the pickup location
  4. Tap ‘Pick up (passenger's name)' when the rider gets in to start the ride
  5. Tap ‘Navigate’ to begin navigation, then drive the rider to their destination
  6. Tap Tap to drop off' when you arrive at the drop-off location, then tap 'Confirm drop off' to end the ride
  7. Tap the star icon to rate the passenger manually or let the timer finish to auto-rate the passenger 5 stars. That's it!
  8. Heads up: Passengers can tip either in the app or with cash, but don't accept money for ride fare. Passengers should use the app to pay for rides.


How to navigate the ride?

As a driver, you're there to get the passenger from point A to point B efficiently while providing a delightful experience. After you accept a request, tap 'Navigate.' The app automatically opens up your selected navigation app to guide you to the passenger. The passenger will see your car icon approaching on their app. If you get stuck in traffic or accidentally take a wrong turn, you can call the passenger in the app. Just tap the phone icon in the top right to choose the 'Call' option. If they no longer want or need the ride, ask them to cancel it.

For safety reasons, ask the passenger exactly where they're going before you start driving. Don't type addresses or toggle between apps while the vehicle is moving. Before you begin driving, quickly show your passenger the destination on your phone and ask them to confirm. The extra few seconds can save a lot of time and hassle, and passengers appreciate you being thorough.

It can happen that the passenger decides to add a stop on the way to their final destination. The app alerts you when a passenger adds a stop, which they can do before pickup or during a ride.

The final price and your pay is calculated based on time and distance. Rides with added stops will likely be longer and result in higher earnings.

Before passengers get out at a stop, set expectations on wait time. If they don’t return, tap through to drop them off instead of canceling the ride. If passengers want to change their drop-off location, they can update the destination in the app throughout the ride.

Some passengers have a preferred route and will ask you to follow their directions instead of the app. We recommend letting them call the shots. It's up to you whether you follow a passenger's directions. Keep in mind that they're paying for a ride from you and can rate you at the end based on their experience.


Handling navigation issues

Navigation apps aren't perfect! Sometimes you're led to a construction zone or accidentally turn too soon. Most passengers are forgiving and will be patient while you get your bearings. Let us know if you have a ride with less-than-perfect navigation, and we'll make sure the passenger is taken care of. To have us correct a ride for navigation, contact us. Include the following info:

  1. Passenger's name
  2. Time and date of ride
  3. A brief description of what happened
  4. Relevant screenshots of the issue (for example, bad navigation)


How to change navigation setting?

We recommend using TanTaxi navigation, built with Google Maps, to determine the best routes during rides. You'll be able to navigate without leaving the app, in addition to seeing real-time traffic reports and using night mode.


How to call your passengers?

Sometimes you need to call passengers to let them know you've arrived. The app is set up for you to do so. Simply tap the phone icon on the top right side of the home screen. Passengers won't see your actual phone number. We use a third-party service to hide phone numbers in the app, so passengers won't see your personal info (and you won't see theirs).


Coverage areas

The TanTaxi coverage area is the zone in which passengers can request rides. All drivers need to be inside a coverage area to receive requests. You are only approved to drive in one coverage area, in this case Tanzania Mainland or Zanzibar. Passengers must be inside the zone in order to request a ride. In cities where TanTaxi is not yet operating, passenger cannot request for a ride as there is no driver registered in those cities. However, drop off is possible. Once you've dropped passenger off, just head back to the coverage area to get your next request.