As consideration for your time and effort, drivers receive cancellation and no-show fees.


Cancellations by passengers

If a passenger cancels when you've already started driving, you can earn a cancellation fee if:

  • At least 2 minutes have passed since you accepted the ride and
  • You're on track to arrive at the pickup location by the estimated arrival time


Passenger no-shows

You'll receive a no-show fee when these steps are followed:

1. You tap to arrive at the pickup location

2. The timer counts down to 0:00

3. You attempt to contact the passenger or the passenger contacts you

4. You cancel the ride by tapping "Passenger is no-show" and then tap "Confirm no-show"


Driver cancellations

Cancellations are a bad experience for all parties, so we recommend using discretion when cancelling rides. Drivers can cancel a ride by tapping the arrow in the top right corner of the app during a ride and selecting either 'Cancel'.' Of course, we know there are times when it's perfectly reasonable for you to cancel a ride you've already accepted, such as:

  • You or a loved one has an emergency
  • Passenger verbally or physically threatens your safety

You've looked for and tried contacting a passenger but still don't see them

When cancelling rides, remember that TanTaxi's community is diverse, representing different generations, ethnicities, genders and religions. We encourage open-mindedness and mutual respect. If you cancelled a ride for safety reasons or couldn't contact a passenger (for example, if they had an incorrect or disconnected phone number), tap let us know.

Include the following:

  • Requesting passenger's name
  • Time and date of ride
  • Pickup location


Cancellations and acceptance rate

When a passenger cancels or is marked no-show, your acceptance rate won’t be affected.

If a passenger contacts you saying they don’t need a ride, but they've already requested it, ask them to cancel the ride on their end. If you've arrived at a passenger's pickup location and they don't show up after you've tapped to arrive, try to call them and wait for the timer to count down to 0:00. After the timer runs out, you'll be able to mark the passenger as a no-show by tapping "Passenger is no-show" and then tapping "Confirm no-show." Your acceptance rate will not be affected.